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Godb Ch 12

Begin Chapter 12

And there she was at the top of the stairs; a bad brunette with streaks of blonde. She had her jeans spill low so I could see her thong. I turned back to check on Blyde, then she was gone. One moment's beauty, just like the song.

(I was just passing by the doorway to see if my friend was down there. I wanna say I didn't even notice Kay, but truth is he was kinda cute at first, so yeah, I noticed him.)

I later learned her name was Jessica. She was a foot shorter than me, her hair a full natural waterfall just passed her shoulders, and then her skin. Her cappuccino tint glistened with radiance of her soft, youthful texture that only required eyesight to appreciate how pleasant it would be touching her skin as we would hold hands.

(I don't know why Kay's all touchy-feely sometimes. He's not always like that, though. There's a cool side to him that he shares selectively with those who treat him right. I gotta respect that about him, though when he…
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Gdb Ch 11

Begin Chapter 11 - And We're Back!

I'm on my way back to the spot; heinies and coronas in bags, dripping their plastic chokehold towards my fingertips with ever increasing immunity to all the resistive strength I could summon.

It seems I'm always full of young vigor when I'm shopping, unconcerned with the heaviness of the items I am to carry a few blocks away. Then my soles touch the cement sidewalk right outside the exit, and suddenly, I'm alone, tired, even drained, and I have just started the walk back home. I bet if I had a car to dump these bags in the trunk of, I would feel nothing on the walk through the parking lot as the cart pushes my cargo without effort. Not carrying the bags all together until the circulation cuts out and my fingertips go numb from the plastic bags pulling against me, i can just go on about my way. But knowing it will eventually hurt after a block or two of walking with groceries spilling out all sides of my hands causes them to hurt …

5 Easy Ways to Kill a Goblin 1

1) You can't kill what's never been born. "Primera," He says, assuming from my recent shape up and sharp lines carving my jaw that I must be Latino. My left brow questions the mistake, though later it becomes apparent that a mistake would be impossible, and that remains forever a question unanswered. He switches to English, and continues without restarting, "What you think is light, is not really light at all." "Huh?" accidentally slips passed my lips as the bewilderment lofted above my browline just moments ago lingers a little longer than it should have lasted as I wonder why weirdos always wander towards my way; why on Earth does every asshole always assume I would acquiesce to being their soundboard, and sure enough, I agreeably engage irrelevance regularly, somehow unwittingly welcoming warped dialogue as if an invitation to abandon my freedom found in zen mind was rush delivered by zebra express, but I digress, and the nonsense ensues, &quo…

Gdb Ch 10

Begin Chapter 10

Meeting Goblin Revisited

I first met the great goblin king, affectionately Godb, (because I reversed the D in God, since I thought he was the reverse of God, the devil, so I reversed the D, dropped the LIN, and to symbolize the two in words for two beings I couldn't tell apart, I had God and Gob, together Godb, affectionately of course), when a half human named Blyde (I can only guess what the other half is; probably leech if I had to guess) introduced us (meaning my introduction to Godb--which is the term I came up with to symbolize my inability to tell apart Godb from Gobd and vice versa) under false pretenses(it's therefore implied that I met Blyde under false pretenses, and assuming that would be correct). A selfish, self-absorbed, spice-addicted(read: junkie) humanoid(only half) from the twin planets of the Lydian system( in the Papoose Galaxy, capital of the Papoose Universe), Blyde lured me into the goblin king's secret underground lair(confusingly…

Gdb Ch9 with commentary by Jess Messinger

Begin Chapter 9
Kay Wonne: In the beginning [(Jess's Edits/Comments): (Where to begin?)]
I guess we start with why I'm here[J.ess'sE.dit's: (, which should be obvious by now)], but that's gonna sound crazy[J.E.'s: (, or just like some wild fiction,)], so let's save that little pearl[JE's: (--meaning, the whole idea of a chosen one who communicates to both Gdb's--)]for after we've warmed up a little [Jess's Side Comments: (in my opinion, I think we've heard enough from Kay Wonne to last a lifetime. Surprising he even discussed less talking earlier with the whole whole baby thing for two years, and still he keeps going on about a fantastic claim of divine providence. Tsk, as if!)
I'm religious, at least I was as a child[Jess's side-Comments: (so? He just said he is religious, as in currently in the present moment, and then negated that claim in the same breath with the next words separated by just a comma. Same as saying, "I&…

GDP Chapter 8

Begin Chapter 8
When he was twelve and I a teen, I met him in a vision. Young at the time, our souls intertwined, but at seventeen, I was still blinded by my own religion. 
Forcing lies into half truths, I prayed for preyers to cease, but that was just the dreams that children are always wishing. 
Burned alive by microwaves from television and the box of death in the kitchen, I stopped seeing straight, living life in tunnel vision. It seemed by graduation, I had already failed my mission, missing mental mastery like my mind was attacked by missiles.  So I headed straight for sinning, setting my karma back straight to the beginning. 
Eventually I had to start over and relearn a life worth winning, but still cloudy from the foggy haze, I wandered around still guessing. Each day passed, and I feel deeper into depression. Forever hoping for a glimpse of joy that I would somehow be able to cling to. 
Over thirty years lost before the vision came to pass, but I still wasn't ready to gra…

Gdb Ch3

Begin Chapter 3

“I AM human, you idiot,” Gdb (‘God or Gob’) fires back.

Does that mean He is just human only with no trace of divinity or that He is only currently human in order to appear in this lower realm? Perhaps it is more trickery to confuse me like the witches did. One thing I can't stand is the cowardice of enemies too weak to present themselves on the field of battle.

Call me old fashioned, but I like to see my foes facing me without fear so I don't have to feign a handicap just to discover who they are. I've always been the type to be very clear on my feelings towards people. Only rarely have I ventured outside my comfort zone by pretending to like someone that I actually didn't. Lies of character don't suit me.

I never understood the expression: keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Why would I subject myself to the troubling effect of purposely surrounding myself with my enemies? Shouldn't I want my friends to be closer than my enemies? …

A Witch is Born

I wish there was something more I could say to explain why I'm so closed off from the world, but I've never really had a close relationship with my feelings.

When I was young, I experienced every negative event a child should never even bare witness to, let alone shelve upon her shoulders as a growing collection of future obstacles to personal success.

My world was small, and it shrank every year as I continued to remove people from my circle of trust.

Meeting Goblin

Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction. Any similarity to actual persons, places, or anything else is impossible since this fiction was born of my wild imagination. Safety forced people.

When I first met Gabrielle Godblood, Gobbie familiarly, she was just some dude's girlfriend that I just met and would probably never see again. But the night I met him, it was a night that altered my path from it's unsteady course, to the one where my life continually unfolds each future moment, wave after wave, which immediately dissolve into past, leaving me just enough beneath my feet to propel myself forward into the next wave, and so the cycle continues again, allowing me to experience the essence of the Eternal Tao.

When I first heard that Tao literally translates to "a man running on a path," I brushed it off as interesting but otherwise completely irrelevant to me, as I had no interest in adopting any beliefs or religions anybody else was practicing, including the mainstream …

Queen's Party

"I don't see why these people can't afford to drop ten thousand credits for an open bar for a thousand of their friends for four hours, I mean sheeeyitte!" The queen argues back. 
"Open bar is usually ten credits per person per hour, so for three hours..."
"Four hours," she interrupts, curious to see what insight I might eventually offer. 
"Four hours," I continue, "still, you charge for three hours as a discount, so thirty credits times one thousand people is thirty thousand credits." Her eyes light up as she glances over at the king in astonishment. "Just charge each person individually rather than a flat rate in advance and you triple your take for the gala," I finish. 
"We can't," she argues, "We need a license to violate the peace agreement of selling spice at a party on that planet."
"But isn't that planet under goblin rule?" I ask. 
"...and we don't know these people,&qu…

The Distraction 1

Chapter 1
She walks by. I'm so distracted by my objective, I don't even notice her. But her scent is all too familiar, and memories of temptation come flooding back into my mind.
My lip quivers. I pray it isn't her. I was once her prey; though the irony escapes me as it always has.

I want to say something, but I can't; not after what she's done. The pain never subsided. I became emotionally disconnected and unaware of the change in my perception as it happened and crippled my social skills. 

Kitchen Ch1

I drag myself through the short corridor and into the kitchen. She stays in the bedroom. The sliding door to the balcony on the opposite side of the bed is half open, letting a gentle breeze caress the sheet covering her slender body.

My finger flips the light switch to my left. The light bounces around the room, awakening the cabinets and alerting them of my presence.

The room brightens quickly. My old place back in Queens would have had little creatures scattering for the shadows in the cracks where the wall fell short of meeting the floor and ceiling. Here the only life I see is my own.

LovelesS Ex 1

She floats above me. An emerald spinning endlessly as beads of sweat gently caress my skin before fading to the sheets underneath me. Her halo stays fixed as if a separate entity from her body. Her wings folded halfway so the feathers at the tips protrude passed her hips.

The atoms of my skin floating above my body connect me to her as the noon day sun burns my flesh gently in the cool New York breeze. With each new wave of the atomic extensions, the elders pass on and die off at my sides. Their movements appear to me as a fountain, but I ignore their beauty in lieu of her graceful presence above me.

I pull another drag off my e-cigarette, stealing away every moment of bliss from the subpar replacement of my lifelong attachment; my friend; my best friend, actually.

Rhinoceros 1

“Adonis!!” I hear a woman call from the hallway outside. “Adonis, are you home?” The phone operator repeats different names, again and again, hoping to hear a response from me if she should find the match.

"Adolf? no can't be. Adelle? I can't tell, she was whispering, or he," she answers someone else in the background, "Adam? Adler? Abel?"

"Adonis," I whisper as loud as I could into the phone, far too weak for my neighbor outside in the hallway to hear me.

The emergency operator responds, "I think he said Adonis, can you run a search on that name for me?" she asks her colleague, who affirms.

The Morning After

Morning After
I crawl out of my skin and melt across the floor into a puddle of my own guilt. The tears somehow manage to hide themselves as I bury myself deep into the emptiness where I dwell. It has been months since my last cigarette. I now count the time in weeks instead of hours or days; 14 weeks of cravings have left me more energetic and much less interesting.

“Good morning baby” she says to me half awake, “are you feeling ok?”

“I want to die” I mumble under my breath as I turn away. I bury my face between the blanket and the pillow.

She slides over towards me as her hand caresses my shoulder, gently pulling me out of the darkness.

“Come on honey” she continues “we had fun didn’t we?” I pull back the choked up feeling in my throat. It burns as I withdraw its symptoms.

Witch Exiled

Witch Exiled

"Bring this witch before me," states the queen. "Witchcraft falls under my jurisdiction," argues the goblin king. The queen looks over at her husband. Her head turns slightly, signifying the anger she is restraining. 
"Here she is," calls out a royal guard from behind the audience in the royal court. A pathway clears up as two guards emerge at the other end of the room, holding a witch's arms at her sides. She is slumped over, showing visible signs of physical abuse. 
"Bring her forward," orders the queen. The royal guards march her down the path cleared by the standing audience. Her feet drag as her body is pulled before the king and queen. 

Witch Apprentice

Witch Apprentice
"I expect you to take care of that," my lord orders of me. His large hands busy lighting his last bogie. He walks across the front of the bar, scanning the floorboards in front of his feet with a clarity and mental emptiness I hunger for.  
"If she cannot be turned my master, she will fall victim to my blade like the others before her," I answer obediently. He nods once then turns his gaze back towards the floor as if unsure of the path before me. I turn away, my back to my master, and sit on the couch closest to the far end of the bar. 

Witch Extinguished

Witch Extinguished
"She's of no use to us!" I demand. "I'll decide who is valuable here," the king replies.  
"Aren't I valuable to the kingdom, my lord?" I ask. 
"Yes, you serve your lord well," the goblin king admits, "and part of that service is to turn witches practicing white magic to the dark path."
"It was my job to train her, but she's turned against us. I must protect you from her," I argue.

Danyel Replacing

Danyel Replacing
"Danyel, my trusted servant, come in," says the great goblin king. "Yes sire," answers the fallen angel Danyel. His wings folded behind his back, one overlapping the other. Drops of light drip down from his halo, hanging above him. 
"I have sent the first fallen on an important mission," continues the king, "during that time, I will need you to oversee our mining operations on the planetary system of the Purpea star."
"Your wish is my command, your highness," answers Danyel obediently. 

5 Easy Ways to Kill a Goblin 9

He smiles. "'How the hell would we know that?' The great leader of my friends roared out to me, 'we don't even know how doorknobs work yet.' And the other divine beings in their tightly knit circle tore the tension apart with echoes of laughter, because to them, it's funny that we have doors here at all. The very concept of doors does not exist in the reality of the realm they normally exist in. Everything is always perceivable and understandable by all sentient beings, thus they coexist in a communal state of complete transparency." "No they don't," He corrects again, "And yes, they have doors," He adds, shattering my understanding, deconstructing the beliefs I had concluded to be fact from years of observation by disrupting the logic I had convinced myself I had flawlessly formulated. But more importantly, are the lies my foreign friends had told me when describing their origins to me. I was easily convinced since I was born…