The battle rages on but on the surface he's as charming and fun loving as we allow him to be. Now he must learn how to be silently unhappy so he can join us in our rebellion against the commoners desperate to uproot our long established supremacy tinted slightly off white so as not to raise any suspicions while still remaining loyal to the ranks that colored our path to freedom from any more freedoms.
Does he remember? Can we make him forget? Is there no one among us strong enough to defeat a group of old, wrinkled veterans too frail to stand battle so they purchase the rights to drill their lies into our heads and bathe in the oils splashing up from hell, where the darkness forever attempts to balance the scales so far off center that it no longer can rightfully be referred to as a balance since one side has sunken so low, it fell off the beam and landed in the shark infested waters where I first learned to swim the back stroke, an essential skill for those hoping to navigate th…

Got A New Pen

I got a new pen of fancy design.
Fancy that; I look quite refined.
I dined diet drinks before,
But never quite like this before.
An electronic pen with LED.
Configured to write just for me,
Enter the code,
Press this and press that,
A formidable opponent,
Sir Jack Kerouac.
Knighted through reputation alone,
I sit, eyes lit, hide slit, hid slight, his light, high life,
Hire live, hive alive, I've arrived.
A sudden burst forward and the propellant intended to destroy the malevolent alien creatures somehow comes back like I just pissed against the wind and won a daily supply of your instant prizes, sizes vary slightly. .
Surprising to see you here. Aren't you alone?
In English we say, 'Are you' not 'aren't you' I explain. .
So what did I say?
You said the opposite, but it made no sense .
Ah, that's amazing you understood you. Then how did you know what I mint?
It's you understood me, meant not mint, and because I was once an ESL student just like yo…

Newport Youth

"Can I also get a pack of Newports?"
"100s or box?"
"Can I see some ID?"
"How old's your dad?"
"You heard me! Is he in his 50s yet?"
"Um... no, not yet," answered nervously. "Then you're carding a man for cigarettes that's older than your dad."
"What? No way! I would have said 27 or 28 max."
"I get that a lot."
"And you're a smoker?!"
"Pack a day for 30 years."
"I could be your son, and I look older than you!"
"Thanks, I think."
"No, yeah, that was a compliment. What's your secret?"
"What else? Of course!"
"Nah, you wouldn't believe me if I told you."
"No, come on! I must know; please!?"
"Alright, well, by the time I was about 7 or 8 years old, I was abused so much that I turned my back on God, and made a deal with the devil."

Scream Silently

"Put it down!" I screamed silently. My despair ricocheting off her deaf drums like ripples bouncing back from the edges of the surface. A tear forms, but I grip it tightly and squeeze the moxie back inside where it can dwell in wrinkled abandon another night or two while I scavenge the wreckage for any salvageable debris to shift into my next masterful design at prolonging the inevitable disappointment only a real man can empathize with as the last shards of my fragile core are collected to reignite the beating #rhythm I now dance to in limbo aside from the prison hanging over my youthful vibrance ready to alert my defenses at first sign that love would no longer serve as the proper dose of contempt necessary for the status quo to shiftlessly slide open a passageway I once walked along with bare footprints marking my victory now just an endless cycles of contests I play against myself.


New witness reveals the secret republic soldier hiding dormant as part of the rebel scum, hellbent on destroying the empire from within by letting their jewfro grow freely like a wild hanakkuh bush blazing out of control with gifts to keep the young semites at bay while their parents escort them through two decades of educational torment where the real lessons are learned on the battlefield ironically referred to as the playground, a war torn cement oven range where fresh eggs are cracked and stir fried into a medley of indiscernible drones ready to collect the nectar for the queen without ever questioning the royal jelly poisoning them into submission. Hail! The republican!
The roman soldier decked in iron and brass to spare hunts the rebels day and night, refusing to submit truth and reason as viable sources of honor in battle. The rebels survive by never staying dormant for too long, always fleeing the scene when the thermite canisters dispense unprejudicial justice simply to t…

Hide, Jesus!

New image reveals Jesus secretly made a deal with the devil, and now it's up to us save Him from the burning torture.
You see, Jesus didn't come back to life three days later, His peaceful virtues helped Him escape the infinite horror, but everyone made such a big deal about it that it wasn't long before the devil found Him and threw Him back in hell, this time ensuring the escape clause was properly sealed. He's been trapped there ever since, but recently found a new loophole that Jesus could sneak out through.
Now it's up to us to keep Jesus alive by keeping Him a secret from the devil, instead of how we normally keep the devil a secret from God. Now it's up to each one of us, so play it safe, because the devil is watching.


Papoose Fiction: Foreshadowing I know soon I'll suddenly be 48 and finally start looking like an old man with cigarette stains on my lips, wringles crying down my cheek to latch on under my jaw in parallel lines, one after the other.

My earlobes will finally have a thick fuzz along the bottom of my earlobe that glistens under moonlight to remind the lady with me the sparkle she sees is withered skin and hair spots no longer collectively complementing my charisma, pooling atop as is swimming around the free public pool offered by the nearest town with sufficient over taxing of the median to cover and compensate for any losses incurred by sharing services for free, as if that town's citizenry was the wealthier older brother among the communal collection of neighboring cities and the rest of the villages surrounding each metropolis kingdom; each ruled by the blinding injustice of the nearest billion heirs to occupy that land, administering justice to ensure longevity isn't si…

Light Accelerates

Papoose Fiction: Light Always AcceleratesLight continually accelerates so the rate is immediately exponentiated continuously, which is why we think light moves so fast. Really, light's starting velocity is too slow to measure, but since it always accelerates exponentially in microseconds, by the time one second has passed, a beam of light can stretch around the whole globe. Light doesn't travel it stretches. Especially when there is only lack of existence separating objects, like the empty void of space.
When there is matter and atmosphere, light appears to travel rather than stretch, but that is because the particles are always accelerating as the waves expand its scope.


Papoose Fiction: Pesticides Without insects, a lot of small animals and birds have no food. Populations of these animals decreases drastically, causing populations of larger predators to decrease. Eventually, all wildlife will be extinct thanks to pesticides.
Eating Poison Further, eating food grown with pesticides is a form of slow poisoning of the body. The brain ceases to function properly, and logic and reason are defenestrated, replaced with quarrels, arguments, fights, and wars because of miscommunications and misunderstandings between improperly functioning brains that have been poisoned.
Another factor is that pesticides contribute to shorter lifespans and toxic food supplies with reduced nutritional values.
Simply Solution The solution is simple. First, abandon all farms with pesticides in the ground and relocate all the farmers to organic areas. Start the farming processes over, except set maximum sizes of lots per produce item; meaning, each farm must have an assortment of…

Ice Age

Papoose Fiction: Ice Age The earth is getting warmer, that is true, but not because of global warming, that is false. Many hundreds of years ago was a half a millennia-long ice age that just started warming up as recently as a couple of hundred years ago.
There was a time when the north and south poles were beachfront property that people vacationed at. However, an ice age froze both ends, sending humans and the rest of the lifeforms on the planet running towards the equator to stay warm.
Survival Tools The era wiped out all forms of technology and infrastructures, leveling societies down to their most fundamental survival tools. Oxygen levels lowered, and millions of species were wiped off the face of the planet. Only animals capable of climbing steep mountain ranges quickly managed to survive the swift moving storms that emptied entire forests of even the bacteria and fungi growing beneath the surface.
Survivors who managed to escape and survive the brutal onslaught of weather system…

How to Love

Papoose Fiction: Measuring Love "If each person on the planet took just one or two seconds to close their eyes, genuinely smile, and turn their vision, or attention, inward while smiling, then there would be global peace. It only takes a second or two, so please, take a moment now."
"Yes?," he said, "Great, continue doing good. Bye bye." "No!" she refuses.
"Um... okay... well, this is kinda awkward. I really didn't prepare anything..." I see her shake your head with judgment. "So what's your name?" She doesn't answer. "Okay, well check this out: in order to love yourself, you have to first let go of both the events from the past that have affected you and the events approaching your life as we speak."
"Approaching? What are you talking about?" she asks, "stoop hid!"
"Keep in mind we are talking about love here, not lust nor passion. Love is how you should feel about your mother a…

Bar at the Edge

Papoose Fiction: Edge of the Universe At the edge of the universe there lies a bar with no bartender and a barstool holding the only patron.
The stool is wood, three legs triangulating down where the sheetrock hammered together into the shape of a bar is at its straightest, allowing for one person to lean comfortably forward for the remainder.
Times were hard on Vegas Argo, he had to steal what he couldn't borrow. Off to war or more alarming is the sorrow that follows tomorrow's horrors as arrows burrow passed the marrow but lessened in pain because Sir Argo's thoughts tread in the shallow.
Nobody's Fault But it's not his fault; it's what he was taught when his teachers were forced to slave all day just for a few scraps of bread and enough change left over to keep the perpetual cycle as vicious as possible but not enough for the herd to grow suspicious something auspicious has turned them towards a meal quite delicious but hardly nutritious; three times a day…

Kitchen Ch1

I drag myself through the short corridor and into the kitchen. She stays in the bedroom. The sliding door to the balcony on the opposite side of the bed is half open, letting a gentle breeze caress the sheet covering her slender body.
My finger flips the light switch to my left. The light bounces around the room, awakening the cabinets and alerting them of my presence.
The room brightens quickly. My old place back in Queens would have had little creatures scattering for the shadows in the cracks where the wall fell short of meeting the floor and ceiling. Here the only life I see is my own.
I squint briefly. The light takes a moment to adjust as my pupils dilate to match the barrage of energy-saving bulbs lining the ceiling.
A lonely light bulb fills the room with an unnatural incandescence as the others flicker, fighting for currency to placate their electric desires.
“Okay, aye'll wate for thah pancaaakes.” I hear from across the apartment in a long drawn out yelp, unexpected fro…

The Distraction 1

Chapter 1She walks by. I'm so distracted by my objective, I don't even notice her. But her scent is all too familiar, and memories of temptation come flooding back into my mind.
My lip quivers. I pray it isn't her. I was once her prey; though the irony escapes me as it always has.
I want to say something, but I can't; not after what she's done. The pain never subsided. I became emotionally disconnected and unaware of the change in my perception as it happened and crippled my social skills.
It was seven years ago; my first love as an adult. But that's not the whole story, is it? My first love in life turned out to teach me a very painful lesson; one that I will never forget or repeat to regret.
She's alone, but that doesn't matter; not anymore. Alone for the moment, but she certainly has her roster of victims she toys with every week. Another poor sap, desperate for a good woman to make into a wife, finds her beauty hypnotic as his finances disappear an…

Trump's 300

If Trump was leading the famous Spartan 300...

300 v Trump"It's a trap, my king, you'll all die!" I say.

"Trap or die? Well that's an easy choice for me Arcade demon!" he replies, mocking my love of video games.

"You rather die?" I ask.

"I rather live free than fall victim to the notion that my only options here and now are to trap or die," he answers.

"At least if you're trapped today, you'll live to fight another day," I plead.

"Another day isn't today. Today I am free, and who's to say if I'm trapped, I won't be killed anyway," he replies, "trapped and imprisoned is no way for a man to live."

"I couldn't agree more," I answer.

"Thank you," the king responds.

"So then you'll die?" I ask.

"Then I live forever," he proclaims, referring to the glory of dying in battle.

"Forever? What about your wife? Your son?" I as…